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Senior Officers Public Health

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Job Description                  Senior Officers

Senior Officer – Wider Determinants of Health and Wellbeing

Focused on inequalities and supporting the Creating a City Without Health Inequalities Forum

Senior Officer – Wider Determinants of Health and Wellbeing

Focused on communities and delivering a series of evidence based briefings on specific minority communities in Birmingham

Senior Officer – Population Health Wellbeing and Care

Focused on children and young people’s health and wellbeing, specifically around commissioning of the healthy child programme

Senior Officer – Population Health Wellbeing and Care

Focused on health protection, especially in relation to blood borne viruses and environmental health

Senior Officer – Knowledge and Governance

Focused on supporting the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Partnerships, Insight and Prevention Directorate

Public Health Division

Division:        Public Health

Reporting to:Service Manager

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life for the people of Birmingham today, tomorrow and always. The City Council priorities are to create a city which provides:


A great city to grow up in

Make the best of our unique demography and create a safe and secure city for our children to learn and grow in


A great city to live in

Provide housing in a range of types and tenures, to meet the housing needs of all the current and future citizens of the city

Jobs and Skills

A great city to succeed in

Birmingham will be renowned as an enterprising, innovative and green city


A great city to grow old in

Helping people become healthier, especially relating to physical activity and mental wellbeing

Public Health is an integral part of this vision, responsible for developing the Council into a local authority which actively promotes population health and enables all Birmingham citizens to make healthier choices. This will be achieved through the continual championing of the health and wellbeing of all people across the city, but especially the most vulnerable.

Public Health Division: Key Principles

Provide robust information and intelligence to inform decision-making across the Council and with external stakeholders

Responsive to opportunities, priorities and demand

Deliver mandated functions 

Reduce health inequalities in Birmingham

Act consistent with the core values of the Council2

Taking responsibility willingly

Encourage innovation

Enable a flexible and adaptable workforce

Strategic Context

The Public Health Team has been designed to respond to organisational business needs and strategic change within the Council as well as political forces outside of it improving Citizens' health and wellbeing outcomes. The Public Health Team reflects the City Council, and the wider priorities of the NHS and other key stakeholders including the West Midlands Combined Authority. The Public Health Team is designed to ensure that it can respond flexibly and adapt to these demands through both driving and supporting change, demonstrating excellence in the wider determinants of health & wellbeing, population health, wellbeing & care, and through public health knowledge, impact and outcomes. The Public Health team is at the core of improving health and wellbeing in Birmingham.

The delivery of an effective intelligence-led approach based on a set of agreed principles will require significant cultural and structural change – where the citizen is at the heart of what we do, and every member of the Public Health workforce willingly owns and drives their performance. The public health team will establish the basis for:

Leading, managing and supporting an intelligence-led approach within the City Council and into wider joint/collaborative stakeholder arrangements, particularly with the NHS.

A workforce with the managerial and professional skills and capacity needed to sustain continuous improvements, respond to and drive change.

Structures, systems, processes and relationships that support excellent service delivery.

Moving towards a whole systems approach across the Council.

A workforce with the capacity, skills and knowledge to deliver effectively on NHS mandatory responsibilities.

Developing and sustaining relationships to support effective use of the Public Health team across all parts of the council.

Building on the Localisation agenda, developing local solutions that draw on all the assets of an area and to integrate public services and build resilience in communities.

Supporting population behavioural change through a variety of approaches especially using technological/digital capability.

Improving and maintaining organisational resilience, especially in business-critical areas.

Ensuring that Public Health is a key component in the development of the local Sustainability Transformation Partnerships and West Midlands Combined Authority.

Embedding the citizen voice across all relevant activities within the Public Health team.

Role Context

There are three variations of Grade 5 (GR5) Senior Officer within the Public Health Division which reflect the requirements of the three thematic areas. Each GR5 Senior Officer will be required to deliver on a selection of the key responsibilities listed under the relevant themes below.

The vison, principle and strategic context highlighted above are reflected through this job description. It describes the collective responsibilities and activities required by GR5 officers to meet business need.

Role Purpose

The collective activities required by GR5 Senior Officers working flexibly across the Division to meet business needs are outlined below under the relevant theme headings. There is also an expectation that Officers will need to work across, and with other theme areas as well as the wider Directorate, Council, NHS and stakeholder organisations.

The role will deliver a strong service through a combination of subject matter expertise and technical skills.

The role will work flexibly and adapt to business needs and priorities in a manner that supports a positive culture of change.

To deliver a service against key Directorate, Council and NHS priorities and targets.

To play a lead support role in enabling change within Public Health, ensuring it is Iean and delivers value for money.

To develop relationships with internal and external stakeholders to deliver services and support that result in improved outcomes for citizens.

The post holder will, as required, communicate, present and provide highly complex information to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders across a range of settings.

To develop an evidence base that supports the delivery of improved outcomes through innovative practice.

Take delegated responsibility for training and development of Public Health Interns and Apprentices. 

Produce reports of key Public Health activity to present to Elected Members and other senior stakeholders.

To apply knowledge of relevant national guidance and implementation when providing advice to internal and external partners.

To deliver the internship and apprenticeship programme.

To ensure duties related to Safeguarding are adhered to.

Adhere to the 2010 Equality Act by carrying out Equality Analyses to assess the impact of service change.

Post(s) Context

The broad function of each Senior Officer role can be understood through the following context. More

specific activities are described under ‘Key Responsibilities’ below.

Senior Officer – Wider Determinants of Health and Wellbeing: The post holder will work with the Council Collaboration Manager by playing a lead role in a team to support the work of the strategic Combined Authority and Future Council. The post holder’s activities will involve delivery and reporting on a range of key delegated Council functions. The post holder will be undertaking assurance and compliance duties as directed by the Manager. This role will undertake activities related to identified opportunities across the Council for Public Health to influence policy and strategy as well as support a variety of initiatives as required. The post holder will also play a lead role in building community partnerships and taking action to identify and solve wider health and social care issues. This role also focuses on a variety of activities that include delivery of behavioural change approaches, intelligence dissemination, innovation and evidence gathering of best practice. The post holder will carry out research into identifying new insights and develop innovative solutions to health and wellbeing problems. The post holder will, as directed by the Manager, work in partnerships to test out new approaches in managing demand and reducing costs. In addition, the post holder will ensure that citizens and communities are actively engaged in shaping new approaches to address health problems. The post holder will work closely with commissioning colleagues across NHS and Council in helping identify best practice. The post holder will supervise staff and contribute to project teams as lead or member as appropriate.

Senior Officer – Knowledge and Governance: The post holder will support the relevant Intelligence Manager by managing the collection of data and the production of intelligence which will inform the development of policy, strategic development and strategic commissioning intentions across the Directorate. The post holder will support the Intelligence Manager/s in ensuring that the function is able to provide comprehensive intelligence through data gathering, analysis and research as required internally, by external partners and statutory or regulatory bodies.  The Intelligence function will drive a continuous improvement and performance management culture providing an evidence base to support decision making. The Senior Officer will evaluate effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of personal and population-based health services.

Senior Officer – Population Health Wellbeing and Care: This role will focus on supporting the delivery of a set of agreed Public Health clinical and specialist functions predominately undertaking the activities outlined under the Clinical function’s header below. The post holder’s activities will involve working closely with  the  NHS  and  supporting  CCGs  .The  post  holder  will  be  undertaking  assurance  and compliance duties ensuring that services are safe and effective as well as developed and commissioned with the result of improved health and wellbeing outcomes for citizens, appropriate standards and compliance with policy and regulation. The post holder will act as a senior team member tasked with informing, educating and empowering people and organisations to tackle health issues and carry out effective interventions. The post holder will be responsible for directly supervising staff and the operational delivery of projects as required.

All posts will manage and be managed according to the Council’s Matrix Management principles demonstrating a flexible working approach.

Key Responsibilities

Wider Determinants of Health and Wellbeing

Support for translation of policy to practice across wider Council and external partners.

Deliver response to Subject Access, Freedom of Information and other ad-hoc information requests.

To support the delivery of performance and governance arrangements and the development and implementation of improvement programmes, in line with agreed priorities.

To ensure that Council commissioning activity improves the health and environmental wellbeing of citizens in Birmingham.

To provide support to the strategic and operational development of the Health and Wellbeing Board.

To support the work on the Combined Authority, Devolution, Future Council and relevant areas of work.

To support the delivery of the assurance of organisational resilience and emergency planning.

To support the oversight of information governance and information management responsibilities across the wider Directorate and Council.

Deliver responsibilities relating to Data Sharing Agreements.

To deliver the activity required for the Annual Report.

Identify and develop opportunities for collaboration across the Council and with external stakeholders.

Deliver the response, in collaboration with partners, to alcohol licensing and create a training programme for related tools.

Provide the Public Health response to license applications and planned developments to promote health and wellbeing in Birmingham.

To support the training placement accreditation for Public Health Higher Specialist Training.

To test and validate behavioural economics interventions through active engagement with citizens.

Communicate innovative solutions and best practice for health and wellbeing problems to stakeholders.

To support innovation development through testing, evaluating and managing proofs of concept / new initiatives.

To work collaboratively with strategic partners, including the NHS and Council, to ensure that evidence-based approaches are applied to investment decisions.

Utilise project management methodologies in order to deliver proofs of concept and maximise relevant activities.

Encourage and enable innovative approaches to health and wellbeing with stakeholders; facilitating meaningful change.

Knowledge and Governance

To provide, maintain and disseminate Public Health intelligence, informing business decisions across the Council and NHS.

Maintain awareness of relevant policy environment.

To undertake in-depth analytical investigations of the factors impacting on future social care demands, including the development and application of algorithms and different tools to enable preventative and other interventions to take place.

Develop and implement a content management system to ensure information is properly managed and best practice is shared across the team, Directorate, the wider NHS organisation and Council.

To undertake and deliver needs assessments, data analysis and mapping, including the production of reports as required, to enable Public Health, commissioners and others to make decisions on action and commissioning.

To undertake regular data quality audits and propose changes or redesigns to address issues that arise.

To assist with ensuring the integrity of the Directorate information systems and of any data files produced by the system complying with the requirements of internal/external audit.

Oversee the maintenance of the Public Health website ensuring it is fit-for-purpose.

Take a leading role on aspects of identifying vulnerable populations, marginalised groups and describing local health inequalities, and supporting equality and diversity analyses, including geographic analyses.

Support CCGs in interpreting and understanding data on a variety of levels of service in both primary and secondary care.

Support delivery of Health Impact Assessments on behalf of the Service Directorate.

Population Health Wellbeing and Care:

To support delivery on core Public Health support and advice for CCGs and NHS.

Implement systems to improve diseases amenable to health care at scale.

To provide critical appraisal of evidence to support and advise on development of clinical prioritisation policies for both populations and individuals.

Support the routine delivery of public health interventions where appropriate in the primary care setting.

Support the development of a performance framework for monitoring the public health of children and young people.

Support collaboration with CCGs, NHS Commissioning Board and Council regarding services for children at the start of life.

Support plans for the City Council to receive start to life services.

Liaise with CCGs regarding their role in reducing vulnerability in children.

Professional Development and Behaviours

To maintain personal and professional development in order to meet the changing demands of the role.

To promote and always maintain organisational values and behaviours, leading by example.

To contribute to the team’s effectiveness by developing and sharing best practice.

To attend and actively participate in appropriate training activities both internal and external.

To encourage and support others in their learning, development and training.

To develop productive working relationships with colleagues.

Supervision Required

Supervision Officer:Service Manager (Supervision is by Matrix Management)

Level of Supervision:          Plan own work to ensure the meeting of defined objectives.

Supervision Given

Postholder will be required as necessary to manage staff within their Team/Area

Special Conditions

This vacancy is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

A DBS check may be undertaken

Observance of the City Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy will be required.

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